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Original recording of a Japanese Concert Grand Piano, digitally recorded with 8 high quality microphones. All 88 notes are included, plus the natural release sound of each string. From an accurate 8 Tracks digital recording of a famous reference "Model D" concert Grand piano, this new sound has been mixed and mastered in the final warm stereophonic tracks, from which all 88 notes of the original instrument have been made, including the released key sounds and all suble details. The 4 most popular sounds of the tape-player keyboard, made famous by top hits and Bands of the Sixties: Brass, Choir, Flute and Strings. An American vintage fretless Bass, as the one played by Jaco and other top players; the body and the nuances are further enhanced by the top Octaves Harmonics. The typical sound of one of the most famous basses in the world, very suitable to accompany songs of any musical style, with its unique depth and harmonic richness. Four different combinations of 12,5% Pulse, from a simple soloist to a 5th cluster and a phat detuned 2 oscillators sound. As all other Synth Sounds, they can be deeply modified with the 9 Sliders and the result stored in each Program. A warm modulated sound that includes the subtle frequency and timber modulations of the real instrument, with a particular recording that allows also to play Ensemble Reeds parts. Muted trumpet sound, tipically played by top Jazz musicians; the bright edge and the warm body are balanced in a very playable sound. The German name is referred to a classical solo Trumpet sound, different and alternative to the same Factory Sound. Very effective also for Pop and Jazz music. Mostly used in Fusion music, its natural Modulation makes the sound very natural even without using additional live controls. The famous Pan Flute, used in historical recordings of Film soundtracks and in ethnic and world music concerts of all time. This pack also includes the new Alto Flute, an instrument with a warm and classic sound, an ideal complement to the Jazz Flute present in the Factory Sound Bank installed as standard. The Mark II version of the most famous electric piano (1979). The Wurly 215 that reproduces the richer bass response of the additional speaker cabinets. The Pianet, made by the same leading factory that produced the Clavinet, in 2 versions. 4 Hybrid sounds, based on the digital morphing of FM Attack Transients and Electric Pianos sounds. Stereo SynthPad new Sounds and Synth waveforms, with an almost human tone reminiscent of the Formant Synthesis. A very gentle Upright piano with a mellow but rich sound and a typical Tack Piano, with nails placed on the hammers creating a metallic and percussive attack. Two of the most characteristic plucked instruments, completed by a Mandolin Orchestra and a mellow vintage Harp. A mix of Brass & Strings ensemble sounds suitable for many musical styles and soundtracks music, from intimate comping to epic finale.


Factory sounds

Listen to audio demos of some of the internal sounds.

Acoustic Pianos
Electric Pianos
Bass & Guitar