Compact size to
the power of four.

Compact size to the power of four.

Numa Compact SE and Numa Compact X SE evolve thanks to the technologies derived from Numa X Piano.

Everything we loved about the Numa Compact in the same lightweight and portable cabinet is now equipped with a powerful new sound engine.

Max Polyphony
+60 sounds
than Numa Compact 2
Professional semi-weighted keyboard
Built-in speakers
True Sound Stereo multi-samples
7Kg weight
9 Drawbars
for real-time control
USB Audio

New Acoustic Piano sounds are enhanced by a totally revamped Acoustic Engine.
High resolution samples are combined with adjustable additional layers to reproduce every note even more real.

  • New Acoustic Piano samples
  • More control of the Strings and Duplex Resonance
  • Adjustable Damper and Hammer noise

A true tone wheel organ model is implemented as a separate sound engine. Numa Compact SE provides a stunningly reproduction of some of the most notable organ sounds.
The 9 programmable drawbars of Numa Compact X SE can control organ sounds or send MIDI messages as well.

  • Brand new Rotary FX, Chorus and Vibrato
  • Percussion controls
  • Real time control of the sound

A new dedicated engine combines a mix of samples and effects to emulate the realism of Numa X Piano physical modelling technology.
Numa Compact SE can reproduce the most famous vintage electric pianos in a mind-blowing accuracy.

  • New Tine sounds and FM emulations
  • Tine volume control
  • Damper noise control

The brand new virtual oscillators engine can generate classic and complex analog waveforms and transform Numa Compact SE into a powerful synth machine.
Use the sliders to design your own unique sound from one of the forty included in the library.

  • Portamento, Staccato and Legato control
  • Monophonic and Polyphonic mode
  • Real time control of the sound
Impressively powerful.
Impossibly light.

The new Numa Compact SE with its contemporary vintage look is now loaded with a large sound library and 4 dedicated sound engines. It features a professional semi-weighted keyboard and provides a list of functions never found before in any instrument of its category.
What's more? Oh yes... it weighs only 7 kg!

Not enough Sounds?
Here comes Numa Manager.

Transfer new sounds and choose their positions thanks to the new Numa Manager desktop app, that also allows you to update the firmware and organize the Programs in a fast and easy way.

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