Additional sounds

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Derived from a tape-recording of an American S&S Model-B, captured by the most popular diaphagram cardioid microphones, a classic and warm Piano sound in pure Acoustic Modeling format. A Piano sound with a particular timbre intonation characterized by a wide range of harmonics, that allows to support large Orchestras and rhythmic music, such as Salsa and Latin Jazz. The exclusive Acoustic Modeling technology recreates the warm and mellow sound of an acoustic piano with the "sordina" felt placed between the hammers and the strings. A rich orchestral sound bank with a very wide and stereophonic effect, suitable both in conjunction with other instruments or for pure Orchestral parts of any musical genre. This Orchestral Brass ensemble sound bank includes rich and mellow Horns with a classic slow attack and various Brass sections with different playing dynamics and extended overtones. From an accurate binaural recording, the Sound of a mint condition 1914 August Förster 190 cm. Grand Piano created with Acoustic Modeling technology. Two of the most characteristic plucked instruments, completed by a full ensemble Mandolin Orchestra and two different concert Harps. A complete section of Clarinets, wth Solo and Ensemble sounds, to recreate the typical atmospheres of these wonderful instruments.


Studiologic Stage

Listen how Numa X Piano sounds in a live context with a band and other instruments.
Recorded from analog outputs with no EQ and factory programs.

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Factory sounds

Listen to audio demos of some of the internal sounds.

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