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Studiologic SL Mixface

The SL MIXFACE is a complete controller device which combines style and simplicity with a powerful engine. Designed for mobility, you can bring it everywhere and use it in total freedom thanks to its hosting capability and auto-mapping of the main DAW apps.

Studiologic SL Mixface

Through its connectivity and the integrated batteries it's a perfect portable device, which with a simple gesture becomes the best desk companion.

Press a button and switch the control from the DAW environment to your favorite instrument and vice versa. All the Transport functions are always ready to go, while you can edit any sound parameter of the instrument or mix the tracks of your song.

SL Mixface DAW Mode
SL Mixface CONTROL Mode


The SL MIXFACE is able to host any compatible keyboards turning it into a full 4 layers MIDI controller via USB. Thanks to its connectivity ports it communicates with the computer as device by using Bluetooth and USB at the same time.

SL Mixface bluetooth connection

Extended capability

The SL MIXFACE perfectly matches the SL controller line expanding its control capability. Thanks to the magnetic system it sticks on it becoming a natural physical controls extention. Simply plug MIXFACE to an SL keyboard and it gets the control of the 4 layers on the fly.

SL Mixface in live stage concert

Ableton Live

Apple Logic Pro X

Apple GarageBand

Cockos Reaper

Steinberg Cubase

Motu Digital Performer

Presonus Studio One

Avid Pro Tools

Propellerhead Reason

Steinberg Nuendo

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