Firmware and updates
  • memoryNuma Compact 2x OS


    Update procedure
    1. Download the firmware from the button below and save it in a known folder;
    2. Connect the instrument to the power and then to your computer with a suitable USB cable (we recommend to use a ferrite-shielded cable);
    3. Verify that the instrument is seen by your computer and selected as MIDI Out device, in the related settings;
    4. Turn on the instrument while keeping pressed the A0 (first white key on the left) and D1 (fourth white key from the left); the display will show the message "Firmware Upload";
    5. Open any program able to "play" a midifile (i.e. MIDI-Ox for PC, QMidi for Mac etc);
    6. In the preferences of your MIDI application, select tyhe Numa Compact 2x as output device;
    7. Open and play the file you have downloaded. Wait for the end of the procedure;
    8. When the Numa Compact 2x display shows "UPLOAD FINISHED", restart the instrument (off and on).

    Release note

    Expand the possibilities of the Numa Compact 2x with new amazing sounds. Load the sounds with the new Manager app. The sounds will be published on this website.
    Local control: by setting the Local OFF, the internal sound generation is interrupted and the notes are only sent via MIDI increasing the compatibility with some computer apllications.
    USB MIDI out channel mode: MULTI/SINGLE.
    (Check the user manual for more details)

    Initial release


    file_downloadNuma Compact 2x OS

  • desktop_windowsNuma Compact 2x Manager



    Windows 7* or higher
    macOS 10.11 or higher
    Numa Compact 2x updated to version 1.1 or higher

    *Windows 7 require the installation of an additional driver.

    When you use the Manager, the Numa Compact 2x must be connected with the included power supply as well.

    Choose you operating system

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