## Release notes ### 2.0.1 - Fixed an issue that could prevent speakers from working after the 2.0.0 update. - Removed the volume 0 MIDI message on program change when zone volume is set to OFF. ### 2.0.0 Read the blog post - New **navigation system**: choose between *Standard* and *Advance*. - SLP3-D can now be used to change Programs. - Pedal 2 can now be used to control the Rotary speed. - New *Leakage* parameter for Organ sounds. - Possibilty to choose the ***Organ Model*** between *Tone Wheel* or *Elektro*. - New parameters for Rotary: ***Max speed***, ***Overdrive***, ***Mic position***, ***Mic setup***. - Totally new ***Reverb*** and ***Delay*** algorithms. - Improved *Rotary* and all other FX algorithms. - The disabled zones take on the gray colour. - The sliders displaying on screen is 5x responsive. - New options for factory restore: *global*, *programs*, *all*. - Implemented additional MIDI controls. - The display shows the waveform when you adjust the synth parameters with the sliders. - Fixed "clicks" that could be heard when adjusting the Mastering knobs. - Fixed "clicks" that could be heard while using USB Audio. - Improved response of the FX1 *Drive* control. ### 1.2.0 - Compatibility with the renewed Numa Compact Manager. ### 1.1.0 - Expand the possibilities of the Numa Compact 2x with new amazing sounds. Load the sounds with the new Manager app. The sounds will be published on this website. - Local control: by setting the Local OFF, the internal sound generation is interrupted and the notes are only sent via MIDI increasing the compatibility with some computer applications. - USB MIDI out channel mode: MULTI/SINGLE. (Check the user manual for more details) ### 1.0.0 Initial release. ## Update procedure Updating to 2.0.0 or higher, global settings will be restored. 1. Download and install **Numa Manager**. Get Numa Manager 2. Download the firmware. Numa Compact 2x Firmware 2.0.1 3. Connect Numa Compact 2x to the power using the power adapter included in the box. 3. Turn on Numa Compact 2x while keeping pressed **A0** and **D1** (1st and 4th white keys from the left). The display will show "Firmware Upload". ![Power on Numa Compact 2x in update mode](../nc2_firmware/nc2_power_on_update_mode.png) 4. Connect Numa Compact 2x to your computer with the USB cable included in the box. 5. Open Numa Manager and click Open... to choose the firmware file. 9. Click Run The Update and wait until the end of procedure. 10. Reboot Numa Compact 2x. ## Troubleshooting Numa Compact 2x is not recognized by the computer The display shows "Transmission error"