Numa Compact audio thru usb

Audio over USB

Feature overview

This incredible new feature allows you to get two powerful functions at once:

  • Send the instrument’s sounds in digital format, to your computer or tablet;
  • Receive the computer or tablet audio in digital format and amplify it thru the internal speakers.

You can avoid the use of standard audio Jack, connected to the Audio L/R Output,  getting a perfect sound with digital quality an no noises of any kind.

Thanks to the USB-Audio features you can do an incredible list of possible actions, such as:

  • Play and record your NC2 sounds on your computer or tablet, using only the USB connection;
  • Play and Record an external sound source (MIDI) along with the NC2 sounds and record the result
  • Play back any computer or tablet VST and listen to the sounds thru the NC2 Speakers;
  • Play back any sound and Music played by your computer or tablet, thru the NC2 Speakers;
  • Use the NC2 Volume, Bass, Treble and Mastering controls to enhance the computer and tabled sounds received via USB;

No setting are needed on the instrument; to enable it on your computer you simply have to find the Audio settings of your computer or tablet and select NC2, that will be listed as one of the available Audio boards, as both Recording and Playback device.

Compatible products
Numa Compact 2, Numa Compact 2x
Set NC2|2X as USB audio output on Windows
  • 1. Click the audio icon on the right side of the taskbar;
  • 2. Espand the output device list;
  • 3. Choose Numa Compact 2 as audio output.
Set NC2|2X as USB audio output on MacOS
  • 1. Open the System Preferences;
  • 2. Enter on Sound section;
  • 3. Choose Numa Compact 2 in the audio output list.
Set NC2|2X as USB audio output on iOS
  • 1. Swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen to open the Control Center.
  • 2. Touch and hold the Audio Toggle in the upper-right corner, then touch the Air Play icon;
  • 3. Choose Numa Compact 2 in the list.

Also see Apple support

Connect the NC2|2X to your iOS device

To connect to an iOS device, the cable supplied is not enough.
These are the possible solutions:

  • 1. Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter (highly recommended)
    Used together with the cable supplied in the box, it ensures perfect operation and allows you to charge the iOS device during use.
  • 2. Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
    Used together with the cable supplied in the box, it ensures perfect operation. The iOS device may show a warning regarding battery consumption, even though the instrumento does not truly absorb energy from it.
  • 3. USB-B to Lighting cable (not recommended)
    It allows direct connection between the instrument and the iOS device, without additional adapters. Studiologic does not guarantee correct operation for the use of USB cables not supplied in the box. If you want to proceed with this solution, please do not use poor quality cables.