numacompact 2x

extremely mighty. endless combinations.

numa compact 2x

extremely mighty. endless combinations.



Numa Compact 2x


The Numa Compact 2x brings to the extreme the power of the Compact family. Packed in the same compact size cabinet there are now 3 sound engines. A tone wheel organ model derived from Numa Organ, the Sledge sound synthesis and 1GB of samples memory. The new USB port allows to transmit and receive digital audio. Save more space using the Numa Compact 2x speakers to amplify the sounds of your computer or tablet.

Numa Compact 2 keyboard

Power becomes Compact.

The Numa Compact 2x is a big step forward in terms of sound quality, digital post processing effects and full MIDI controller features. Thanks to the built-in speakers and the internal digital amplifier, the Numa Compact 2x is suitable and flexible in any musical environment.
Start from a training session at home and be the king of the stage.

Numa Compact 2x synth and  organ drawbars

Tone wheel organ

A true tone wheel organ model derived from the acclaimed Numa Organ is implemented in the sound engine. The user interface gains 9 programmable sliders which can be used as Drawbars to control the organ sounds and as linear controls to send Midi CC as well.

Virtual synth machine

The Sledge engine is optimized to fit in the Numa Compact 2x, where it’s possible to create any synthetic sound starting from a basic waves library. Using the 9 sliders section it is possible to control 9 synthesis parameters.

Play. Listen.

Numa Compact 2x grows with your demands. You can either use it with the high quality built-in speakers in a training session, practice at home with your headphones and plug it to the PA system when playing with your musician friends or performing live on stage.

Numa Compact speaker system

Audio over USB

The USB port now allows to send and receive audio with digital quality. Simply send and record the sound of the NC2x on the computer or use the NC2x as an audio board, amplifying the digital audio coming from the computer or tablet thru the built-in speakers, in endless combinations.

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Numa Compact audio thru usb


Small and Compact. Everything you need in just 7Kg.
Take it anywhere.

A hand lifts the lightweight Numa Compact 2


Free stunning downloadable Sounds for your Numa Compact 2x.
To load a Sound use the Manager App.

Japan Grand play_arrow

Original recording of a Japanese Concert Grand Piano, digitally recorded with 8 high quality microphones. All 88 notes are included, plus the natural release sound of each string.

Mell Pack play_arrow

The 4 most popular sounds of the tape-player keyboard, made famous by top hits and Bands of the Sixties: Brass, Choir, Flute and Strings.

Fretless play_arrow

An American vintage fretless Bass, as the one played by Jaco and other top players; the body and the nuances are further enhanced by the top Octaves Harmonics.

Pulse Pack play_arrow

Four different combinations of 12,5% Pulse, from a simple soloist to a 5th cluster and a phat detuned 2 oscillators sound. As all other Synth Sounds, they can be deeply modified with the 9 Sliders and the result stored in each Program.

Clarinet play_arrow

A warm modulated sound that includes the subtle frequency and timber modulations of the real instrument, with a particular recording that allows also to play Ensemble Reeds parts.

Jazz Trumpet play_arrow

Muted trumpet sound, tipically played by top Jazz musicians; the bright edge and the warm body are balanced in a very playable sound.

Trompete play_arrow

The German name is referred to a classical solo Trumpet sound, different and alternative to the same Factory Sound. Very effective also for Pop and Jazz music.

Soprano Sax play_arrow

Mostly used in Fusion music, its natural Modulation makes the sound very natural even without using additional live controls.


More Sounds coming soon...

NC2x Manager
Available for Windows and macOS
straighten Keyboard
  • 88 Keys, TP/9 PIANO semi-weighted Action
  • Dual switch detection system
  • Aftertouch
  • Touch
  • Soft, Medium, Hard, Fixed (programmable)
queue_music Sound generator
  • Max Polyphony 128 voices
  • 2 Parts: Lower + Upper
  • 100 Sounds
  • 8 Acoustic Piano, 8 Electric Piano, 8 Keyboards, 12 Bass & Guitars, 16 Organs, 20 Synthesizers, 12 Orchestral, 16 Other sounds
  • TrS (True Sound) Stereo multi-samples
  • Tone wheel Organ Model (from Numa Organ 2 experience)
  • Synth engine (from Sledge experience)
  • Updatable factory and user sounds
graphic_eq Effects / Processing
  • Up to 6 effects simultaneously: 2 FX on Lower + 2 FX on Upper + Reverb + Strings resonance
  • FX1: Drive, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger
  • FX2: Rotary, Tremolo, Pan Trem, Delay
  • REVERB: Room, Hall, Plate, Spring
  • Strings Resonance on all Piano sounds with level control
check_circle Features
  • Sound and Programs
  • 99 User programs
  • 1GB Samples memory
  • 6 Sections
  • 2 Sounds in Layer or Split mode
  • 2 Sounds (additional) from MIDI/USB
  • 2 MIDI Zones in Layer or Split mode
  • Edit functions
  • Global Edit (10 parameters), Part Edit (11 parameters), Mixer (Lower / Upper / Zone A / Zone B volume control)
  • Master controls: Bass, Treble, Mastering, Volume
  • MIDI Module
  • 2 Programmable Zones - A/B
  • Program Change, Bank Select (LSB, MSB), MIDI Channel, Volume, Split assign, Transpose, Octave
  • Pedals 1-2 assign, Sticks 1-2 assign
  • 9 assignable sliders
surround_sound Speaker system
  • 10 + 10W built-in digital Amplifier
  • 2 Elliptical full range speakers
tune Controls / UI
  • OLED display 128 x 64 dots
  • Encoder with push function
  • 7 potentiometer
  • 23 buttons
  • 9 drawbars | sliders
  • Sticks
  • Stick 1: Pitch
  • Stick 2: Mod + FX Control
settings_input_hdmi Connections
  • Audio OUT: 2x 6,3 mm mono jack (L+R)
  • Headphones: 6,3 mm TRS jack (programmable as Aux out)
  • Pedals: Expression, Universal
  • MIDI: In, Out
  • USB: Audio, MIDI, USB powerable
power Power supply
  • DC IN: 12V
  • Adapter
  • Input: 100-240V / Output: 12V-2,5A
zoom_out_map Size and weight
  • Width: 127 cm / 50"
  • Depth: 23 cm / 9"
  • Height: 10 cm / 4"
  • Weight: 7,1 Kg / 15,6 lbs
unarchive Package content
  • Numa Compact 2x
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter
    Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Firmware and updates
  • memoryNuma Compact 2x OS


    Update procedure
    1. Download the firmware from the button below and save it in a known folder;
    2. Connect the instrument to the power and then to your computer with a suitable USB cable (we recommend to use a ferrite-shielded cable);
    3. Verify that the instrument is seen by your computer and selected as MIDI Out device, in the related settings;
    4. Turn on the instrument while keeping pressed the A0 (first white key on the left) and D1 (fourth white key from the left); the display will show the message "Firmware Upload";
    5. Open any program able to "play" a midifile (i.e. MIDI-Ox for PC, QMidi for Mac etc);
    6. In the preferences of your MIDI application, select tyhe Numa Compact 2x as output device;
    7. Open and play the file you have downloaded. Wait for the end of the procedure;
    8. When the Numa Compact 2x display shows "UPLOAD FINISHED", restart the instrument (off and on).

    Release note

    Expand the possibilities of the Numa Compact 2x with new amazing sounds. Load the sounds with the new Manager app. The sounds will be published on this website.
    Local control: by setting the Local OFF, the internal sound generation is interrupted and the notes are only sent via MIDI increasing the compatibility with some computer apllications.
    USB MIDI out channel mode: MULTI/SINGLE.
    (Check the user manual for more details)

    Initial release


    file_downloadNuma Compact 2x OS

  • desktop_windowsNuma Compact 2x Manager



    Windows 7* or higher
    macOS 10.9 or higher
    Numa Compact 2x updated to version 1.1 or higher

    *Windows 7 require the installation of an additional driver.

    When you use the Manager, the Numa Compact 2x must be connected with the included power supply as well.

    Choose you operating system

    file_downloadWindowsfile_downloadmac OS