1. Download and install NC2x Manager App

Download the app for your computer's operating system.

The Manager App requires that Numa Compact 2x has a OS version 1.1.0 or higher. Make sure you Numa Compact 2x is updated to the latest OS version.

2. Launch the Manager App and connect with Numa Compact 2x

At the first start you will see this screen:

Connect the Numa Compact 2x to your computer with the USB cable included in the box; the connection will automatically be estabilshed, the PROGRAM button becomes orange and the right area shows the internal Programs.
Once the instrument is connected, you can move between the app sections by using the buttons on the left. The connection and memory status are shown below.

Make sure that when you use the Manager, the Numa Compact 2x is connected with the included power supply as well.

The box at the bottom left shows the connection status.

3. Edit the Program Library

In the Program section, click

Rename a Program

Click edit; in the dialog box write the new name and press Ok.

Saving Programs

Select one or more programs with the left dots and press to export them to the desired location. The programs will be exported in a .prf file.

Press create_new_folder to open a .pfr file within the Manager. The Programs contained in the .prf file will be shown in the Library panel

Copy and Move Programs

Use Drag & Drop to move Programs and import them from a .pfr file.

The changes have no effect until you press APPLY.

Cancel the changes

Pless autorenew to restore the syncronization between the Numa Compact 2x and the Manager; by doing this, all modifications done on the Program list will be reset to the intitial situation.

The command has no effect after Apply has been pressed.

Apply the changes

When you have finished editing, press .
After that it will not be possible to cancel the changes except by a factoy reset of the instrument.

4. Download the Sounds you like

Explore the downloadable sounds. Use the PLAY button to listen a preview of the relater Sound/Pack and click DOWNLOAD to get the file.

You get the Sounds as .bin files.

5. Edit and add new Sounds

In the SOUND section you can add new Sounds to your Numa Compact 2x; You can download the sounds from this webpage. They are periodically updated.

The Factory Sounds will never be deleted while the new Sounds will be installed in the free available memory and added to the internal database.

Add a Sound

Press and choose the Sound you have previously downloaded. The Sound will be added to the first available position of the related SOUND BANK (all Acoustic Pianos wll be added to the A.PIANO Bank, all Bass or Guitars to the BASS&GTR Bank etc.)

The changes have no effect until you press APPLY.

Delete a Sound

Press cancel in the Sound list to delete a Sound. Factory Sounds cannot be deleted.

The changes have no effect until you press APPLY.

User memory

The memory bar on the botton right area shows the free available memory.

Thanks to exclusive Studiologic Sound optimization technologies, the memory size of each Sound File as well as the total available memory, does not reflect the real memory value of each Sound, that can be considered at least 2-4 times bigger than the related files. This allows to get many more sounds in the same memory, as compared to standard technologies.

Move Sounds

You can change the position of any SOUND (Factory and Users) inside the related BANK by Drag & Drop. So you can access your favorite Sounds faster.

The changes have no effect until you press APPLY.

Apply the changes

When you have finished editing, press and wait until the end of Sounds loading.

Clear all Sounds

The Clear All button, delete all User Sounds from the Numa Compact 2x memory and restore the position of the Factory Sounds.