Cristian Pratofiorito

Federica Carta
SL88 Grand
Playing SL88 Grand guarantees a dynamic and espressive control which can be achieved only with a real piano. It is the only master keyboard with both a "realistic" keybed and compact dimensions. It is so programmable and customizable that can suit any kind of setup (hardware, software, live, recording studio). It is modular and expandable with external interfaces like "SL Mixface" and the very comfortable "magnetic rail" system. I am thrilled to perform with this product because of its quality and flexibility.


Keyboard player, arranger and composer since 2007 he deals with composition and arrangement of musical pieces following the project from concept to final product in recording studio.

Since 2018 Judge in the auditions of "Tour Music Fest - the european music contest ". Co-arranger of Giuseppe Anastasi's debut album "Canzoni ravvicinate del vecchio tipo" award winner Tenco 2018 as "Best First Feature".

He Takes part in many music festivals, including: MIND Festival - Montecosaro, BMA - Bologna, MEI - Faenza, Premio Tenco - Ariston of Sanremo, Premio Bianca d'Aponte, Festival del Primo Maggio - Roma.

Keyboard player for:
since 2019 - Federica Carta
since 2017 - Giuseppe Anastasi
since 2017 - Valeria Farinacci
2017 - Drive-in the reunion
2016 - Gatto Panceri
since 2015 - John Macaluso