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Vittorio Nocenzi is one of the most charismatic and atypical of a musical and cultural landscape not only Italian. With a natural talent that has brought classical music since his youth, owes its popularity mainly to the role of composer and pianist-keyboard player in the draft merged under the name Banco del Mutuo Soccorso. Born in 1951 in Marino (Rome), after studying piano, clarinet, church organ, harmony, ethnomusicology, history and philosophy at the University La Sapienza of Rome, young Nocenzi debut (in 1966 at 100 minutes, plays and radio Leo Mancini). His first published compositions are for disks Grabriella Ferri (8 tracks on the long playing Gabriella Ferri published by RCA).

In 1969 he founded the Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, one of the most important examples of global contamination, where classical music, rock, jazz merge and accept the suggestions of experimentation in the areas of language of art. Among the most significant moments of this MELTIN POT expressive note: The Piggy and then Darwin, I am born free until ... of land, one of the first experiments Italian fusion between rock and symphonic music.


In addition to music for the house and for other artists, Nocenzi has implemented a continuous route solo writing for dance, theater, poetry, cinema.
Among its parallel efforts, among which:
CONTEMPORARY DANCE with the Ballets R. Greek and M.T. From Doctor (Etruria, Boheme, Mouth of truth, is' born a star);
● numerous SOUNDTRACK FOR FILM AND TELEVISION (Naked woman Manfredi, Dove G. Battiato, crude oil and hazardous T. Torquato, The Eye of Judas and night shift P. Poets, and The Red Carnation Lost City of Sarzana Faccini L.);
● MUSIC FOR THE THEATER (Rossetto host upon, And the crazy lit up the night, Dialogues with Leuco R. Sicco).
It's 'of 2001 the release of his CD-book "Movements", which contains seventy minutes of music divided into thirteen tracks, for which Alda writes Merini thirteen unpublished poems. The main feature of these compositions is their nature "visual" has the nature of which have the lyrics written for the Merini Movements, a mirror, points of view. Not the visionary of the music but its "visual", ie the ability to give life to an audience full of backgrounds, spaces, and light as in a painting or a frame to listen to poetry and read music.

In 2009 he published his work Nocenzi musical "Far West", a CD / DVD that contains 9 compositions for solo piano inspired by four hexagrams of "I Ching". An author attentive to the most recent instances of post-minimalism Western, filtered through a constant reference to the classical tradition. The songs have a gait so natural and inevitable to make you think their music, somewhere in the cosmos or the soul, has always existed, as if it belonged to an ancestral subconscious. In this DVD is the clip-art "overflowing" signed by Patrizia Savarese.


He has performed in more than four concerts in Italy and abroad (Austria, England, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Cuba, USA, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Canada etc..). Critically is still considered one of the most important Italian keyboard.


Nocenzi has identified new avenues for disseminating cultural realizing multimedia concerts, workshops, training and workshops for students in multidisciplinary colleges and universities and for Italian teachers. Over the past twelve years have produced more than two hundred stages (Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Friuli, Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Campania, Calabria), about two hundred thousand young people involved, number of training workshops for teachers.
Since 2002 he is head of the scientific committee of the Italian Music Project Dante Alighieri. Among the published documents, has particular relevance the sound of words and language of bel canto, a manifesto signed by Nocenzi, Franco Battiato, Branduardi Angelo, Eugene Kelly and Francesco Guccini, intended to revive interest among the young Italian.
From 2005 to 2007, for the Province of Rome, directing the experimental project Musicorienta, which he designed, and will ensure its realization as artistic director and head of the Scientific Committee composed by Enrico Ghezzi, Franco Battiato, Vincenzo Cerami, Walter Mauro and Ennio Morricone . Gives life to ROMA ELECTRIC ORCHESTRA, ensemble musical ambassador of the project originated from a selection of 400 young talents in the Province of Rome.
In December 2005, is the organizer of the Constitution of the Italian Federation of Teachers Teaching Multimedia, which was created with the intent to support the use of multimedia as a new interdisciplinary educational support.
From 2006 to 2008 for the City of Rome, is responsible for the multimedia section of the draft Rome Roma Rock Pop, designed to stimulate the interest of youth to the multimedia communication and experimentation with new forms of music interpolation between words and images.From 2008 to 2009, the Council Presidency and the Tuscany Region, by the design, art direction and coordination of the training project @ tion - the areas of language, involving all 10 provinces with the participation of 77 Tuscan colleges and nearly 10,000 students and teachers.The production has about 100 digital media processing.
Artist of the most eclectic of our time, Victor Nocenzi conceives the contemporary languages as the natural conjugation of the codes of the past and have always believed in music as well to glance at the closed door of reality, to share the infinite seriality possible.